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To bring “authority to your ask” for a raise, keep a record of everything you’ve contributed to the company, said She Negotiates’ Gates.

For example, the human resources manager who doubled her salary came equipped to her meeting with Excel spreadsheets, which detailed all of the quantifiable differences she’d made at the company.

Gates said some clients bring charts into their meeting, showing how profits or customers clearly rose (or complaints fell) as a result of their efforts.

Also research what other people with your title are making.

“Know your market value,” Gates said.

Payscale and Glassdoor can be useful resources. But Cornell’s Bronfenbrenner said women shouldn’t be afraid to go to their co-workers directly to ask them what they’re earning.

“Get the men to tell you what they make,” she said. “You’ll find people are willing to talk to you.” (Some men might want to know if they’re suffering from a pay unbalance, she said, due to something such as favoritism.)

When you’re done with your survey, plug the information into a spreadsheet, Bronfenbrenner said. “You don’t have to get all the workers, you can do a random sampling,” she said. “And if the random sampling shows bias, you take it to the employer.”

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