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If you’re among those who struggle with impulse shopping and it’s contributing to financial woes, there are some ways to rein yourself in.

For instance, before you head to the checkout with your impulse buy, whether in a store or online, take a minute to ask yourself whether you really need the item.

“Ask yourself, ‘Is this essential? Would I purchase it anyway?’ If not, wait a day and then decide if it’s a purchase that makes sense,” said Meyers.

If it’s something you would purchase anyway — say, a gift or household items — it’s still worthwhile checking to see if it’s really the lowest price you can get.

“If you’re in a store, and you get on your smartphone and find a lower price somewhere else, you can ask the store to match the price you’re seeing,” Meyers said.

If you’re shopping online and see a great price, make sure you take shipping and handling costs into consideration before you hit the purchase button. Doing a little research might reveal a better overall deal elsewhere.

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